StillKruzn is a dedicated to the antique and classic car communities.  We strive to attend and document as many events as we can attend throughout the year.  We aren’t able to attend all events, and can’t be out on the road every week, but do the best that we can.  Although, we sometimes wish this was our full time gig, it’s not.  We aren’t always able to get in individual picture of all the vehicles at each event, but we try to get as many as we can, whether it be an individual or a group photo.

We also strive  to have the most comprehensive calendar of events in Central Arkansas.  We do this by attending both calendar planning meetings in Arkansas and by accepting car club submissions of events vie email.  So look through the calendar and if your event isn’t there, click on the Contact page and send us all the information.  Contact information is required to have listing added.

our vision

To promote and support the hobby that we are part of.  The restoration and preservation of antique and classic automobiles.

our staff

Don — Founder, Web Master, Photographer

I have been a part of this hobby since the early 90’s.  I have showed a car since I bought my first restoration project, a 1973 AMC Javelin.  I have also been a part of organizing events in Ohio and Arkansas.  But one of the most enjoyable things I do to promote this hobby is run  This website started out as a site to show off my current car as I built it.  I had restored a 1966 Ford Mustang and once it was done, I sold it to build a 1931 Ford Model A hot rod, something I had always wanted.  I then got into a little bit of photography, and as they say, here we are now. 

Josh — Technical Advisor, Photographer, Graphic Artist

Contributors — If you take pictures at the car shows you attend, and would like to see your pictures on, click on the Contact page and send me an email.  I am looking for some contributors to help with content on here.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t pay, but you get the satisfaction of taking the pictures and writing the article for the show.  Contributors will get full credit for anything submitted.