Getting Ready for Spring – Oil Change and Inspection

It’t mid-March and it’s time to get the car ready to go cruising.  Today, I was able to get the oil changed and as I do when under the car, I inspected a few things just to make sure everything is good to go.

I have made it a habit over the years, anytime I am under the car, to just visually inspect things before I crawl out.  I start at the rear of the car and work my way forward and just look at everything I can.  Today, I didn’t find anything wrong, but in the past I have found things such a missing cotter pin on a castle nut and even broken engine mounts.


Things I look are fuel lines, break lines, all my wiring that routed under the car.  Make sure there is no where on the soft lines (fuel and brake) that is rubbing against anything.  same with wiring, but it should also be run through wire loom to ensure that it won’t rub against anything.


I also check for leaks.  This includes fuel, brake lines, oil, transmission, rear end.  I then check for any exhaust leaks, making sure that all the bolts are tight where the headers meet the exhaust pipes.  I have found these loose and/or missing bolts in the past.

Once out from under the car, I inspect everything in the engine bay.  Checking header bolts and they can work loose also causing exhaust leaks.  Make sure to check your throttle linkage especially the threaded barrel that the cable passes through if you are using a Lokar style.  If it is not adjusted correctly, the cable can start cutting the barrel causing the cable to become frayed.  Also check your fuel lines, all your electrical, check the oil level, and air filter while under the hood.  Fix or replace anything that you find wrong.


I also check tire pressure and visually inspect the tires, checking for wear and dry rotting.  Tires over 8 years old should be replaced.

This is definitely not a full list of everything that I check, but it is a good start.  I recommend doing this several times a year, for sure before a long trip.  I would also recommend getting someone that doesn’t look at your car often to inspect it such as a NSRA Safety Inspector or anyone that you trust to look things over.

Hope this helps people and to trigger that thought of looking things over.  Stay safe out there!