Little Rock Cars & Coffee – August 17, 2013

Headed out this morning for a Cars & Coffee meet in Little Rock.  Now, I am not much on coffee, but cars, that’s where it’s at!


This group meets on the 3rd Saturday each month at the Starbucks at Cantrell Rd and Sam Peck in west Little Rock.  Today was light for attendance as many of the regulars were at the autocross at War Memorial Stadium.  It was good to get out and meet a few new folks and see some cars that I’ve never seen.


This meet is a little different that what I am normal too.  Normally, I am used to hot rods, muscle cars, and such.  This one was full of Porsche’s, BMW’s, and even a Factory 5 Cobra.  But these people have one thing in common with hot rodders, they love their cars as much as we do.


I will definately be making another trip to Little Rock for cars & coffee….


Click here to see a slideshow of the pictures from today or here for the individual pictures.


20130817 - LR Cars & Coffee 3217 20130817 - LR Cars & Coffee 3218 20130817 - LR Cars & Coffee 3219